How to use the scan function in the HP deskjet 2540

How To Do Scan hp Deskjet 2540

HP Deskjet 2540 is one among the latest HP printers which have built-in wireless networking. The printer is low-cost among all other printers and has latest features. Here are some of the easy guidelines you can follow for How to scan HP Deskjet 2540.

Scan HP Deskjet 2540

  • The first step is to load the documents to be scanned in the input tray.
  • Now lift the lid of your printer.
  • You can now place the original print side down on the corner of the screener glass.
  • Close the lid now
  • Press the start copy option. There are two copy options available namely the Start copy black and start copy color.
  • If you want to increase the copy of the scan, try pressing the button many times.

HP Deskjet 2540 –How to scan to a computer

  • If you have hp Deskjet 2540 printer, you also have options to scan to your computer. Below are the best ways you can perform it.
  • The initial steps include lifting the lid of the printer, placing the original print side down on the scanner glass, closing the lid
  • The last and the final steps include performing the scan using the printer software.
  • If you are using windows 8 operating system,
  • Go to the start screen
  • Now right-click on any empty area on the screen.
  • Find the app bar now and click on the icon which has the printer name.
  • Try resizing the document, before you scan using hp Deskjet 2540. This will help you to produce the scan with high quality and better scan speed.

For windows 7,  windows vista and windows XP users

  • The first step is to go to the computer website and click on start option.
  • Now select all programs and click on HP > HP Deskjet 2540 series.
  • Go to printer software now and click on the Print and scan tab
  • Select the Scan a document or photo option under scan.
  • Your documents or photos will now be automatically scanned.
  • Before performing the above steps, ensure that your scanner glass is clean and there are no dust particles sticking on it.
  • Start printing your documents now using hp Deskjet 2540 printer.

Follow the above guidelines to know how to scan hp Deskjet 2540. To know more, you can also call us on our toll-free number +1-855-716-3550 and our network support team is here to assist you.