install printer HP DeskJet 1050

How to Install Printer HP DeskJet 1050 Wirelessly –

Install Printer HP DeskJet 1050 Wirelessly

Make use of the simple steps in this article to install printer HP DeskJet 1050. To begin with, remove the printer from the cardboard box for initial setup. Also, remember to use the wireless setup wizard for a wireless setup and installation.


  • To start with, note down the name of the network and the corresponding network password
  • Also, note down the name of the computer and the model number of your printer
  • Then, place the computer close to your HP DeskJet 1050 printer during setup (
  • Finally, turn ON all of the above-mentioned devices

Remove Previous Connections to Install Printer HP DeskJet 1050

However, make use of these steps if and only if there was a previous wired connection. And, this can be an Ethernet or a USB connection. Also, uninstall any software specifically installed for the wired setup.

  • First, open the previously installed software on your computer
  • Then, choose the UTILITIES menu option
  • And then, open the PRINTER SETUP AND SOFTWARE SELECTION menu option
  • Now, select an option depending on the software version of your computer
  • Alternatively, choose the CONNECT A NEW PRINTER option
  • Finally, follow instructions that appear on the setup wizard on your computer

Install Printer HP DeskJet 1050 for a new connection

These steps are useful when you are connecting the printer for the first time. However, these steps are applicable only for a wireless connection.

  • To begin with, turn ON your DeskJet 1050 printer
  • Also, make sure that your computer is turned ON
  • Now, go to the printer’s control panel
  • Here, access the wireless settings menu and then, select the wireless icon
  • Then, navigate to the wireless setup wizard on your printer
  • Subsequently, a list appears on your printer
  • Incidentally, this list contains the available wireless networks
  • Now, choose the network and then, enter the password corresponding to that network
  • Alternatively, enter the name of the network if it does not appear on your list
  • Previously, go to the ENTER NEW NETWORK NAME menu to fill in the name
  • Accordingly, enter the network’s password
  • Finally, select the DONE menu or the OK option to complete the process
  • Then, make a test print to check if the installation was successful

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