install an hp deskjet 6122 printer

Install an HP DeskJet 6122 Printer –

How to install an HP DeskJet 6122 Printer

You can install an HP DeskJet 6122 printer using the wireless setup. The advantages of a wireless setup include,

  • An organized work table
  • Print from anywhere
  • Easier to share files from different devices
  • Best suited for shops or cafés
  • Can handle multiple users at the same time

Before you begin, remember to make a note of the following requirements.

Requirements for Printer Installation

  • First, make a note of the wireless network’s name, password and other details
  • Optionally, you can give alternate names to your computer and your HP Deskjet 6122 printer
  • Keep your printer in close proximity to your computer during the initial installation process (
  • Turn ON the devices to begin the setup and, to complete the wireless installation

How to Remove Previous Connections

  • You need to remove any previous wired connections before you can install an HP DeskJet 6122 printer. This method is common to both Ethernet and USB connections.
  • Uninstall any existing software for a wired connection
  • Then, go to the UTILITIES menu of the HP Printer Assistant application
  • Navigate to the PRINTER SETUP AND SOFTWARE SELECTION option and, select the version of your software
  • Next, you can convert the existing wired connection to wireless using the corresponding options in the settings
  • You can finally choose the Connect a new Printer to reinstall the device

Reinstall the Printer

Here are the steps for reinstallation of the 6122 printer. Besides, use the steps if you are establishing a first time connection.

  • First, turn it ON to install an HP DeskJet 6122 printer after connecting it to a power source
  • Always, use the power adapter specially designed for our printer model
  • Access the printer’s control panel and then, navigate to the Wireless settings
  • This will in turn open the wireless setup wizard on your printer
  • The setup wizard displays a list containing the available Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity
  • Choose a network closest to your printer for an easier setup
  • Correspondingly, enter the password of the Wi-Fi network
  • Make use of another device connected to the same network to retrieve the network password
  • In some cases, your Wi-Fi network may not be displayed on the wizard
  • Therefore, you must add the network to install an HP DeskJet 6122 printer
  • Make use of the Enter new network name option on your printer to do this
  • Then, enter the password of the newly added network
  • Download and install any printing app from the manufacturer
  • Either print a document or an image to test the installation

Repeat steps or avail assistance on our toll-free number at +1-855-716-3550 if you are unable to install the printer. You can also visit our website at