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Resolving HP Wireless Printer Loses Connection Errors

The HP Wireless Printer loses connection errors are common when the printer is unable to communicate with the wireless network. Here is how you can resolve the errors and proceed with the Printing Process

The error is most common when there are communication issues with the scanner, Failure to communicate with the Imaging device, issues like Computer not found, Scan option is not available or scan is not successful, scanner not found, scanner unreachable, scanner initialization Failures and a few more

To Resolve Printer And Scanner Errors due to loss of wireless connection you can do the following:


If you are using a wireless connection, you can go to the guided solutions provided on our official HP website  (123.hp.com/dj3630). and click on the Link Printer does not maintain the Wireless Connection


If you are using a wired connection, start checking your Ethernet Cable and make sure that it is connected properly. Restart your Printer, Router, and the Computer and then check if the issue still persists. If the green light is not steady, it means that there exist Connection errors and the Printing process cannot be continued

Start Restarting All Your Devices And Check The Driver Scan Settings

  • In a consolidated attempt to resolve printing issues when your HP Wireless Printer loses connection, turn off your Printer. Also ensure that the Printer power cord is connected directly to the electrical outlet
  • You can close all the programs that are currently running and shut down your Computer,
  • The printer model name will be available with the windows. Click on the name from the List that appears. HP printer assistant will be opened and you can click on the Scan document option and ensure that the scanning process works correctly

Go To HP Solution Centre >Press The Scan Settings>View The Scan Connection Status

Start Checking The Wireless Network Connection

  • Switch on your Printer and start opening the Wireless network settings menu and make sure that the wireless signal is turned ON
  • For wired connections, check that the Ethernet cable is Connected properly to the respective Port
  • Also, check your Router and ensure that the 2.4 GHz router band is enabled and is active
  • If the network signal strength is weak, move your Printer, Router, and your Computer close to each other and avoid connecting the external devices to your Router

Hope that the above guidelines can assist you when HP wireless printer loses connection. Dial the toll-free number +1-855-716-3550  for more assistance. To know more about HP wireless printer loses connection you can also visit us at www.123-hp-com-dj.com