Are You Facing Cartridge Missing Issue on HP Printer? –

HP Print Cartridges Missing and Not Detected

When you face the HP print cartridges missing and not detected, fix it as follows:

Removal, inspection, and reinstallation of the cartridges should be the first step:

  • If a cartridge does not have complete electrical contact with the printer a cartridge error message might display

HP Print Cartridges Missing and Not Detected

  • To remove and then reinstall the cartridge  ( follow these steps:
    • After turning the product on make sure to have loaded either of the following in the input tray:
      • Letter or A4 unused
      • Plain, white paper
    • The cartridge door has to be opened
    • Lightly press on one of the cartridges down to release it after the carriage is idle and silent
    • The problem cartridge is indicated by an error message displayed in the form of an icon that represents it
      • In the slot on the left there are tri-color cartridges
      • In the slot on the right are the black or photo cartridges
    • Pull the cartridge towards yourself
    • This should get it out of its slot
    • From the cartridge make sure that the protective tape has been removed
      • Remove it now, if the tape has not been removed
    • With the HP logo on top hold the cartridge and insert it into its slot

Cartridge cleaning:

The alignment might fail if the contacts on a cartridge are dirty or are not seated correctly

To clean and reinstall the cartridges follow these steps in the order presented:

You will need the following materials:

  • Soft, lint-free materials
  • Foam-tipped swabs – these should not stick to the contacts
  • To rest the cartridges you need clean, lint-free paper
  • Distilled water

CAUTION: To clean the print cartridge contacts do not use platen cleaners or alcohol. The print cartridge or the product can be damaged.

  • For any ink and debris buildup inspect the cartridge contacts.
  • Into the distilled water dip a clean foam rubber swab or lint-free cloth
  • From the swab or lint-free cloth squeeze out any excess water
  • The print cartridge should be held by its sides
  • Only the copper-colored contacts should be cleaned
  • The nozzles should not be cleaned

Cartridge reinstallation:

  • Into the empty slots, slide each of the cartridges forward
  • Until the cartridge clicks into the socket push the upper part of the cartridge forward
  • You can now close the door of the cartridge area
  • Reinstalling the cartridge may resolve your HP print cartridges missing and Not Detected issues.

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