hp deskjet 2548 inkjet all in one printer

Review of the HP DeskJet 2548 inkjet all in one Printer

HP DeskJet 2548 Inkjet all in one Printer

Check out the HP DeskJet 2548 inkjet all in one printer, which offers scanning, photocopying, and printing in a box! The model is well-known for its incredible range of features, which proves to be useful to the end users. If there is a model, which brings down the inkjet series to its core elements, while keeping the operation costs down, it has to be the HP DeskJet 2548 inkjet all in one printer.

Most printers belonging to this price range just have the facility of USB connectivity, which means only direct connection to the PC is supported.  This is where the HP DeskJet 2548 wins, as it’s not restricted to direct PC connection in this age of wireless connectivity. You also find the Wireless Direct Printing facility in this model, which is definitely an added advantage for users.

The build is pretty decent, and doesn’t have the heavy robustness which you usually find with the designs at this price range. You find few compromises happening at this price range, but it doesn’t deter with your decision to purchase this model! If you are looking for touch screen, you will be sorely disappointed. The printer controls also stick to the basics for ease of use.

Lack of media printing is the reason why this model wouldn’t be a great decision to buy for a photographer. Handling the paper is easy, as it’s just about the basic, with no internal tray. Image printing is surprisingly good with this model. Text printing suffices well, but the precision of the inkjets lacks for this model. You tend to find the smudging around the edges, but on the comparison, it still stands far better, compared to other printer models in this range.

This model isn’t for speed. Approximately 3.5 minutes are taken for about 20 pagesof documents. The quality of the output seems quite satisfactory, in spite of the banding and speckling traces found with the quality.

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