Install HP Deskjet 2131 Driver for Windows 7

HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Windows 7

You might have bought a new printer and you suddenly realize that the printer is have difficulties or is not at all connecting to your computer or laptop.  A main reason why this happens is that your printer software and drivers may not be compatible with the operating system of your computer. You can upgrade the OS on your computer (which is possibly a painstaking task) or rather just find a driver and printer software for your operating system. For example, if your personal computer is running on a Windows 7 operating system, then make sure you select the correct software before downloading. Here is how you can download the HP Deskjet 2131 driver Windows 7  ( from the printer’s site.

HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Windows 7

  1. Open the website, printer site which is the official site for downloading any software related to your printer.
  2. In the search box, search for your printer model, for example you will be searching for DeskJet 2131 in this case.
  3. You will now be directed to the support page of the particular printer.
  4. In blue color, you will find several options from which you need to choose the Software and Drivers option.
  5. Press the Go button where you are prompted as “Go directly to the software and driver results”.
  6. You will now be in the landing page of the Software and Drivers Download for the chosen printer model.
  7. Download the basic driver available for the DeskJet 2131 printer, HP DeskJet 2130 series Basic Driver.

Be warned that this driver can be used only in the case of a Windows 7 operating system. If your PC or laptop is running on a later version of the Windows OS, then choose your software and drivers accordingly. Follow these steps if and only if you are looking to download just the driver and not the related software. Else we would advise that you download the software and the drivers as a complete package. It will also have some additional optional software for your use. So choose them sensibly. In case you already have the software and not able to find the appropriate driver, then uninstall the existing software and go ahead and download the package instead. This way you can be sure that the software and the driver for your printer are compatible.

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