To print, scan and copy you can choose the very compact Deskjet 2548 printer ( dj2548), which is also considered as one of the cheapest printers.

HP DESKJET 2548( dj2548)

For a fantastic price, this printer offers Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile printing, good photo and text printing at reasonable speeds. This all-in-one printer( dj2548) is absolutely suitable for home-office use and comes with a simple LCD screen and controls. It can provide the user with good quality copies and also comes with multiple features such as the ePrint, AirPrint and Wireless Direct.

Where most low-cost printers offer only simple PC to printer connections, the Deskjet 2548 has a lot more to provide within its price. You can use the single USB port at the back of the printer for a cabled connection or take complete advantage of its wireless capabilities with the help of the Wi-Fi. Connect your printer with the help of the ‘Wireless’ button on the printer, a router connected to a network and software that will help you run the installation of the printer( dj2548).

For a device in this price bracket, the printer( dj2548) produces high quality prints. With a solid color pattern and no dithering in the output, the color printouts seem surprisingly very detailed and close to the original. A low cost factor, high print quality and an easy setup are the printer’s plus points.




  • Standard and high yield cartridges.
  • Fast wireless connection.
  • Scan to mobile device.

Deskjet 2548 First time Printer Install( dj2548) dj2548 setup
  • Unbox the printer for setup( dj2548) and ensure to check the list of items listed in the package.
  • Remove the packaging materials from the box.
  • Keep the tape and packing materials separately.
  • Confirm if the paper tray is firmly in place, after removing the packing tape from the paper tray door.
  • Connect the printer to a power outlet and Turn on the printer to set the preferences.
  • If you want to fully configure the HP Deskjet 2548 printer setup, use the down arrow button which you can find on the control panel for language selection.
  • After choosing your preferred language, again press the down arrow to select your Country.After choosing this field,Press Ok.
  • Load the paper tray with paper. Use the slider width guides to adjust the paper fit positions.
  • After the paper load is completed, secure the paper tray firmly in its position.
  • Load the ink cartridges through the access door by raising the door.
  • Once the door is raised, the carriage automatically moves to position.
  • Ensure that the carriage is kept idle and silent for the HP Deskjet 2548 printer setup to be completed
  • Once the cartridge is removed from the package, remove the plastic tape without touching the ink nozzles
  • Open the cartridge’s lid, and ensure the cartridge is put back into place.
  • Once the cartridges are kept in place, close the access door and ensure the cartridges are properly aligned as per the instructions on the control panel
  • Print a test alignment page.

Printer Setup( dj2548)

Hardware Setup

Deskjet 2548( dj2548) – First time hardware Setup dj2548

  • Remove the printer from the box with diligent care.
  • Open the output tray and cartridge door.
  • Remove all packing material found inside.
  • Keep the cartridge access door closed.
  • Connect the power cord and the adapter into one piece of power supplying wire.
  • Connect the power cord to the board, and the adapter cable to the rear of the printer.
  • Power on the printer
  • Raise the input tray and lower the input tray.
  • Ensure the output tray extension is properly slided.
  • Put down a bunch of standard size A4 sheets vertically into the input tray.
  • Get the cartridge door open.
  • Unpack the new cartridge and peel off the orange tab, thus removing the plastic tape.
  • Hold the cartridge with its nozzle facing the printer, and ease it along the track.
  • Secure the cartridge firmly into position.
  • Put the cartridge door back in its place.
  • Check the alignment page which is automatically printed.
  • Keep the alignment sheet which is printed in the scanner.
  • Close the lid and use the buttons Start Copy Back or the Start Copy Back button, for the printer to align the cartridges in position.
  • The Printer will now take care of aligning the cartridges.
  • Now that your hardware is setup, please download the drivers and install them!
Google Cloud Setup

Google Cloud Print Setup for Deskjet 2548( dj2548)




  • As a free service, the Google Cloud Print allows you to print documents from any network-enabled device to your Deskjet 2548 printer.
  • No software or driver download is required for this feature.

To enable Cloud Print

  • Use only standard browsers like Chrome and operating systems like OS X v10.7, Linux, Windows XP for using such Cloud print facility.
  • Get a google account ready for using cloud print.
  • Use the same network for connecting both the printer and the device.
  • Turn the Deskjet 2548 printer on.
  • Sign into your Google account from the Chrome browser.
  • Choose the Advanced Settings which is available under the settings window.
  • Choose Google Cloud Print from the manage option.
  • You can Register your device under New devices, where your Deskjet 2548 printer will be listed.
  • In another case, the printer may also be listed under My devices in which case you just have to choose Manage

To Print a document

  • Open the Chrome browser and Sign into your Google account.
  • From the Cloud Print Jobs, click on the print option.
  • Then click on Select a file from my computer under Upload a file to Print.
  • Click on the print command on the document you wish to print.
ePrint Setup

ePrint Setup for Deskjet 2548( dj2548)



  • ePrint is a free web service which allows printing from any location to your printer.
  • An email is sent to the email address assigned to the printer that will enable the web printing services.
  • When you use ePrint services, drivers or software downloads are not required.
  • With the setup, installing the web services provides the user with mobile printing.
  • The feature allows you to sign in and view the print job status, manage printer queue, and control user access to the printing.

Steps to setup Deskjet 2548 ePrint

  • Connect the computer or mobile device to the internet.
  • Visit to help you enable web services on your printer.
    Use the ePrint button to print from the printer’s control panel.
  • Confirm that you accept the terms and conditions for use.
  • To enable the web services, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Give a test print.

To find the printer’s email address in dj2548

  • Press the ePrint button.
  • In the Web Services Settings menu,select Display Email Address.

Customizing the email address for the setup

  • Choose the Web Services Settings menu.
  • Choose Print Info Page – this prints an information page containing the printer code and customization instructions.

Turning off ePrint

  • To turn off ePrint – From the Web Services Settings menu, select ePrint and then Off.
Airprint Setup

AirPrint™ Setup for Deskjet 2548( dj2548)




AirPrint is a feature through which printing can be made possible from device that are from the house of Apple. Here are device that are compatible to be connected

  • Apple iPhone.
  • ipod
  • ipad
  • MAC

Here’s how to connect Deskjet with these devices.

  • Download the Air print app that is exclusively made available to make this happen.
  • If not, you can always download Deskjet 2548 driver from dj2548.
    Install the setup to the desired device.
  • Locate the printer on your device by entering and connecting to the printer of yours.
  • Select and share the document to be printed via the app.
  • Your printer is ready to print documents from your apple devices on the go!


To get an overview about the Deskjet models, please visit the link