HP Sprocket 2-in-1

Click and Print with HP Sprocket 2-in-1

HP Sprocket 2-in-1:

Polaroid instant cameras were the most iconic thing decades ago. You click a picture and you instantly get the picture in your hand. During the era where you click a picture and wait to see the picture gets developed, Polaroid cameras were making an impact with instant pictures using self-developing films.

Now you click pictures on your phone and instantly see how it looks. HP has now introduced the all-new HP Sprocket. You click the picture using the HP Printer device and have the photo printed instantly. Instant camera means instant fun.


Key Features:

These are the key features of the HP Sprocket 2-in-1

  • Portable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Print in 50 seconds
  • You can control the device using the HP Sprocket app
  • Fun editing options with the App
  • Little selfie mirror
  • No-ink printing
  • Micro SD slot accepts up to 256 GB micro SD cards.

Design and specifications:

  • The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 is compact and portable.
  • It measures around 80 x 1.14 x 3.05 in (W*D*H)
  • Weighing 0.42lb you can carry this printer anywhere you go.
  • It has a glossy exterior made of plastic with a copper-hue running along the side.
  • The camera has 5-megapixel resolution
  • One edge of the device has the exit slot through which you get the printed photos.
  • The LED lights are on the sides.
  • White light indicates the printer is ON and ready to use.
  • When the white light blinks it means the printing job is ON.
  • Red indicates charging and green indicates the device is fully charged.
  • Red light flashing indicates you need to insert papers.
  • If the LED light is red it can also indicate on of the following issue
    • Cover open
    • Storage full
    • Paper jam
    • Low battery
    • Or other issues.

The HP ZINK Technology:

  • The device does not require any ink cartridge or toner to print pictures
  • It uses the HP Zink Paper Photo a new technology to print the photos.
  • These sheets have all the colors you need for printing.
  • When you print something the HP Printer uses heat technology on the HP Zink Paper photo sheets to melt the dyes.
  • The heat from the printer nozzles turns the dyes on the sheet into beautiful color prints.
  • The dyes dry instantly and give you a glossy output.
  • The sheets have sticky backs, which make you stick the sheet. Or you can just pin the photos where ever you want to.

How the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 work:

  • Charge the device for 90 minutes to charge it completely
  • Insert the Zink sheets into the printer.
  • Download the HP Sprocket app if you want to print pictures from your phone
  • Before you do that, try to calibrate the HP Sprocket with the Smart sheet.
  • After that when you click a picture using the device you will get the picture printer in less than a minute.
  • When you want to print from your mobile, connect the mobile and the HP Sprocket using simple Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Using the HP Sprocket App, choose the picture you want to print.
  • Customize the pictures you take using the HP Sprocket printer on your mobile.
  • Use the HP Sprocket App and perform all the editing on the picture before you print it.
  • You can also make your photos attractive with the addition of fun elements.
  • Add emojis to your picture or a text box and make the picture attractive.
  • Use creative borders that are available on the HP Sprocket app and make your picture beautiful
  • You can also perform basic edits like Crop, Zoom, improve the contrast, brighten up the picture and many more.

What comes with the box?

  • The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 photo printer
  • User manual
  • USB cord
  • HP Zink sticky back photo papers (10Nos.)
  • Wrist wrap
  • Setup poster

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