123 HP Printer HP Scan Setup

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123 HP Printer HP Scan Setup

For using the Scan to Network feature on the 123 HP Printer HP Scan Setup, check if your device is accurately and promptly connected to an internet connection.

For those who look forward to understand about the Scan to Network Folder, we have a short article on how this fantastic feature can be used to easily scan the documents and photos to the folders listed in the network. The folder rights should also be obtained to send documents over the network.

To begin with the setup:

  • Finish install the printer software, before the scan is commenced,
  • All the connected devices are to be turned on.
  • Ensure photos are not loaded in the ADF. Always use the scanner glass to prevent damage to photos.
  • Before setting up the Scan to Network Folder feature, create a folder which can enamel you to send the scans to on the network.
  • This folder’s security feature has to be actually shared for all the users to make use of this network.

Follow these steps to finish the 123 HP Printer HP Scan Setup (123.hp.com/dj3630) network folder:

  • Get the software opened and choose the option “SCAN TO NETWORK FOLDER WIZARD”
  • Now, click the NEW option to create a network path.
  • Click and choose your network folder, and then click ok.
  • The network folder will assume the position of a destination folder.
  • You can select the properties, for seeing the security tab.
  • From the display field, you can get the folder name by typing it. The list of folder names is usually listed in the printer control panel to select the necessary printers.
  • Choose the option SHARE PATH, and then add the NEW button
  • You can type the display name in the SHARE NAMEfield
  • Click on the browse option, and choose the destination folder
  • Click the option APPLY, and then choose the SHARE NAME option
  • A security PIN is required to restrict access to this folder
  • With your Windows User Name and Password, you can set the administrative rights for the server or the PC that hosts the network folder.
  • Save the settings

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