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Most HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers(123.hp.com/dj) are compact, come with an intriguing design and are white in color. This all-in-one printer fits into any office or home space.


With the rapid advancement in technology, Smartphone’s and projectors have become smaller. So, HP resolved that it is only logical that printers shrink in size too.

HP’s new AIO Deskjet printers (123.hp.com/dj) have a very impressive design and are crammed with multiple features such as printing, scanning and copying. The small device is also equipped with wireless connectivity. On the top right corner, the printer has a seven-segment LCD display and all the ports for connectivity located at the back. The sliding paper feed tray is situated at the front bottom of the device. The back of the printer is also equipped with an Ethernet port. Interestingly, the scanning module camouflages the printer module where the scanner comes in the form of a bar and you just have to slide the paper in and it will come out from the other end. Even without the traditional flatbed scanner, the printer (123.hp.com/dj) is affordable and smartly designed.



This latest HP Deskjet printer(123.hp.com/dj) comes with wireless printing capabilities. On HP Deskjet wifiyour smartphone go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ to select your preferred network. Once connected, you can scan or print your documents and photos directly from your phone to the printer. You can even print from Facebook, Instagram and much more.All you have to do is install the dedicated HP application in order to use the Wireless Printing capabilities. You can also select from a wide variety of settings such as ‘All Pages’, ‘Single Page’, ‘Multiple Pages’ etc.

Note: For this, your printer should also be connected to the same network.

123.hp.com/djThe HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer(123.hp.com/dj) is considered as the world’s smallest printer and can yet perform all the functions of a typical all-in-one printer. You can also accomplish ‘Easy Mobile Printing’ from your Smartphone or tablet. The device also comes with low-cost cartridges that are affordable and are best quality Original HP Ink, suitable for all your printing requirements. It prints in ‘Vivid colors’ such as Electric Blue, Cardinal Red etc.

HP deskjet PrinterThe printer uses two cartridges, the black and the color cartridge. There is a separate button on the front for Wi-Fi functionality. The printer (123.hp.com/dj) produces good quality outputs in black as well as color, which are printed fairly fast.


How to Setup your HP Printer(123.hp.com/dj)


Wired Connection


Some prerequisites are there before you start the connection process. They are,

  • Make sure that your printer(123.hp.com/dj) is switched on; a green light appears on your printer.
  • Have a USB cable Usb Cable in hand and your system must have a free USB port Usb Port for establishing the connection, but don’t connect your printer to the PC yet.

Now that you have set this right, let’s get into the process of installation and setup. Follow the below steps for a successful setup.

  • Download the driver by visiting the printer manufacturer’s website and choosing the driver software corresponding to your printer model.
  • Certain HP printer models come with an in-built app called HP Easy Start. hp easy start
  • In the above two cases, you should be able to complete the driver installation process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • When asked for a connection type, choose “USB”. connection type usb


Wireless Connection

If you own a HP printer(123.hp.com/dj), for example DJ 3630 (123 hp com dj 3630) and wonder how to configure wireless settings for your printer, we have formed a list of simple process steps so as to easily configure wireless settings for you to enjoy your printing experience with HP printer models.

  • Before any attempt is made to connect the printer to the available network, understand the network details like the name, internet access credentials etc.
  • The same network same network used for connecting the PC or laptop is to be used for connecting the printer device as well.
  • When the wireless option is chosen, remove any USB usb for wireless or Ethernet connectivity ethernet cable from the device.
  • The wireless option wireless will have to be chosen from the control panel.
  • For the wireless option to run smoothly, check for the latest printer software.
  • The latest updated software is available in the manufacturer’s website. Choose the right printer model and download the corresponding driver software.
  • Once the drivers are downloaded, update the installation process.
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